Sam Saved Mike's Life

The Day Sam saved Michaels life came shortly after this team was brought together.

Before the real training had begun the bond between Sam and Michael had solidified. Due to this bond, When Michael was home alone with Sam he had a heart attack and passed out. Sam woke Michael up by assutively getting on him and licking his face untill he came to. 
From there Michael called for help and the EMS noted that his Service Dog had saved his life.

We Rescue 95% of our Service Dogs

Since 1984 Florida Dog Guides FTD has been working with shelters in our local area to find rescued dogs to match our clients to fit the needs of each of their disabilities. The bond between a rescued dog and a disabled client is very strong due to both client and dog FEEL as tho the other one recued them.
"Everything I know I learned from dogs."                                          – Nora Roberts
Service Dogs Save Lives
Thank you to our Corporate Partners and Nonprofit Organisations that support our efforts!
Lions Clubs International
Good Sams Clubs

Manatee Animal Shelter
Bishops Animal Shelter
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