Florida Dog Guides F.T.D. ( For The Disabled )

To rescue, place, and train shelter dogs to become a certified service team, 
With in home training in Florida and training at our facility in Bradenton Florida.

      Florida Dog Guides  F.T.D. Inc.      

Our program trains Hearing, Service, Veterans, Specialty Dogs for Florida's Deaf,
Legally Deaf and Physically Challenged Residents

"We are an in-home training program and we train the deaf, legally deaf and physically challenged person how to train their own dog."
 - Arlene Dickinson -

Points to Ponder:

* Our School is a Hurricane Shelter  for Service Dogs and their owners.

* The program has 401 “certified teams” working in the state of Florida 

*There is an average of 50 approved applications on the waiting list. 

*When one team is “certified”, and the training is completed, a team on the waiting list begins the training program.