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My name is Kyle Hill. I was born with a birth defect called Goldenhar which left me deaf. I wear hearing aids which it helps some. When they’re not on or working I am totally deaf.
 I am 21 years old. I enrolled in Vocational rehab. Several months ago, when we had company from Nebraska all the phones in the house sounded an alarm warning of a tornado in our area. My grandparents and their friends awoke but I didn't. We didn't get hit. If I was home alone I would have slept thru it. This scared everyone. I do not hear doorbells, fire alarms, alarm clocks.
So, we immediately looked into a service dog.
 We are getting some funding from Lion's club. I will need to travel 50 miles each week for classes. This will be in several training phases.
I live with my paternal grandparents who have helped me alot. They are both retired.
I appreciate all the support.
Thank you
Kyle Hill
Kyle has been raising money for the funding of the training for him and Celsey on Go Fund Me, we are also seeking funding for this team from our community. This training saves lives and like so many of our teams Kyle is very proactive to creating his success in our program.
Like many of our teams he is very driven and persistent. Kyle is an example of a great young man that does not give up on his dreams and will continue to go great places.


July 2017

Next Beginners Class that we are starting in August 8th. Reserve your space for $25 at the Dog School. Fees are $75 per 6wk session.

Required Documentation:
Duplicate of Dog Shot Records
(not the original)
Partial Street  Closing starting JULY 10 2017

27th Street East at 13th Ave will be closed, Please come to the School Via 27th  
33 Years Of Experience Training Service Dogs in this Community
From the humble beginnings in a park in Bradenton Florida to a statewide program serving clients that travel the country with professionally trained service dogs. We have taking training to the home where it should be.

The "In-Home Training Concept" was created by our founder Arlene Dickinson.  Two main Reasons for this was to reduce cost of training to get more teams funded, and the other is that her  primary focus is the BOND between dog and owner. When the bond is established then the Service Dog team works together as one. Only then with a dog work to save the owners life and way of life.

This is the core belief of this program.
Micheal Hill and  Sam
Micheal is a Vietnam Veteran with multiple wounds that is in the process of certification in DAVIDs Program.  

The Day Sam saved Micheals life came shortly after this team was brought together. Before the real training had begun the bond between Sam and Micheal had solidified. Due to this bond, When Micheal was home alone with Sam he had a heart attack and passed out. Sam woke Micheal up by assutively getting on him and licking his face untill he came to. 
From there Micheal called for help and the EMS noted that his Service Dog had saved his life.

DAVIDs Program gives Veterans that have multiple disabilities an opportunty to train a service dog to help them in custom ways to give them more freedom within their community.