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Welcome to Florida Dog Guides FTD

Florida Dog Guides For the Deaf and Disabled, Bradenton Florida
Service Dogs, Therapy Dog Training, Obedience Training

Florida Dog Guides FTD, located in Bradenton, Manatee County, Southwest Florida is a certified Service Dog, Therapy Dog and Dog Obedience Training Center specializing in personalized dog training for Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs and Veteran Dogs for over 30 years!

We began our journey helping the Hearing Impaired Community.
We now service the Hearing Impaired, Mobility Restricted, and Veteran Communities.

Next Beginners Class that we are starting is January 2nd 2018.
Reserve your space for $25 at the Dog School.
Fees are $100 per 6wk session.
Required Documentation:
Duplicate of Dog Shot Records
(not the original)

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Join us in Honoring our Local First Responders for our 2nd Annual

Military and First Responders Appreciation Day

November 4th 2017  10am-2pm

Free Food, Games, Music, Speakers and so much fun for the whole family. 


Society Bytes Radio Has two Really Great Pet Shows..

Personal Bio Debra Magenheimer

Debbie was raised in a small mid-west town, where every stray dog and cat knew where she lived. Choosing not to apply to veterinarian school for fear of loosing her pets at the time, she found a way to serve. Grooming school was the avenue of choice. Debbie's life and career have been built on her love for all animals and her passion for dogs. Having retired from her doggie daycare business; her spirit of service lives on. It is her goal to educate humans and improve the lives of pets.

The Pet Lady - Deb Magenheimer 

Tune in learn and get happy, as The Pet Lady ask what you want to know from the experts. How can I stop my dog from barking, why does my cat always hide, how much should I feed my snake are only a few things we as pet-parents need to know. This show is about you and your pet, it is about creating a happy balanced life for better health and more enjoyment for both you and your pet. Don't miss a show! Your question could be the next one asked!
Debbie Magenheimer, The Pet Lady

Personal Bio Patty Giarrusso

Patty Giarrusso has dedicated her life to helping animals. She is the Founder & President of Lost Pet Services Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which reunites lost pets in Manatee & Sarasota counties in FL. With over 13,000 members, the organization operates through a Facebook group since 2013 and has reunited over 4,000 lost pets.

Let's Talk Pets - Patty Giarrusso
Let’s Talk Pets is a half-hour show combining feel-good stories and educational
resources about lost pets and pet safety. Patty is the Founder & President of Lost Pet Services, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets. Her organization has reunited over 4,000 pets since 2013. With over 13,000 group members, it is her mission educate others on systemic methods for finding and getting lost pets Home Safe!!